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Boost sales in your business by using
the power of AI

The first AI-based business partner that helps to increase
the efficiency of sales teams and close deals.


How Teona can help your business

Teona analyzes company's internal data and external business environment. She finds the best sales scenarios and creates a system of recommendations and tips for your sales specialists to work more efficiently and close more deals.

Boost your sales

Increase the number of sales by increasing efficiency of your team.

Improve client experience

Understand your clients better and improve the interaction with them.

Cut costs

Cut team maintenance costs by processes automation.

Anticipate the problems

Predict employees' burnout and conflicts in the team.


Principle of operation

Teona integrates with the company’s data through CRM systems, messengers, task lists, calendars, etc. and, in real time mode, she analyzes how your sales specialists work.

  • Analyzes data

    In real time mode, Teona analyzes the efficiency of your sales department as well as monitoring the general situation on the market.

  • Finds patterns

    Teona finds patterns and scenarios where employees of your company close the biggest number of sales deals.

  • Gives tips and recommendations

    After Teona finds the best sales scenarios, she creates an advice system where employees get tips and recommendations on how to act.

What makes our solution unique

Teona provides our clients with an indisputable competitive advantage.

1. Analysis outside data as well as inside one

Teona can analyze not only the company's inside data but determine what products and services are currently in high demand. Due to this skill, your sales specialists will be able to close more deals by selling really popular goods.


2. Simple integration and autonomous learning

Teona can be integrated into 100+ different tools, and she understands all types of data: from calls and correspondence to documents, calendars, and task lists. It takes Teona no more than 2 weeks to learn. The learning process itself is completely autonomous.


3. Strong people analytics

Thanks to our solution, you will be able to follow the involvement of the company's employees in the working process, analyze their strengths and weaknesses and predict the burnout before it happens.


4. Privacy and security

We have developed and patented a two-component technology that allows you to analyze data and make forecasts based on it with 100% security guarantee.









What our clients say

We have already integrated our solution into 50+ companies through early access campaign. Find out what our clients think of us.


Thank you for your solution a lot! We have managed to improve the client service significantly and optimize our sales department.

Ilya Kichuk

Teona was introduced to predict changes in demand for laser engraver components. Thanks to recommendation system, we increased sales by offering our clients products they really wanted. It's a good tool, thanks!

Aleksei Kuklin

Thank you, it's a useful solution! We used Teona to increase sales in TuSion. We're happy with the result. We recommend it!

David Vásquez

Choose a suitable plan

We have prepared several plans to meet the needs
of companies of any size.


  • Suitable for small companies to test our solution.
  • • Up to 50 employees
  • • Limited functions

For an employee per month
(Subject to payment for half a year)


  • The most popular plan that suits mid-sized companies.
  • • 50 – 100 employees
  • • All functions are available

For an employee per month
(Subject to payment for half a year)


  • A unique solution for large companies with possibility of customization to the company's needs.
  • • Over 100 employees
  • • All functions are available
Individual calculation

Thanks to our partners, we have made our solution affordable and effective

Principle of operation in simple words

See how Teona works and how she can help your business.


Frequently asked questions from our clients and answers to them.

The integration process takes only a few minutes. After registration, in your personal account you connect your CRM, task list, calendar, mail service, etc. (options are at option), then Teona starts analyzing the data at once.

The learning process is completely autonomous and takes only 2 weeks.

We have done our best to develop the most flexible solution to meet the needs of companies of any size. The availability of sufficient data is the only requirement for Teona’s effective operation.

On request, you always can have your money returned for the unused period.

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Implementation cases

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September 24, 2018
Laser engravers selling

Analysis of the company's external business environment and forecast of changes in the demand for certain products to prepare unique offers.

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October 2, 2018
Software development services

Search for the best sales scenarios and creation of advice system to increase the efficiency of the sales team.

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February 10, 2019
Smart home system services

Analysis of the interaction of sales team employees with clients and search for opportunities to increase the number of sales of additional services.

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