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Teona is an irreplaceable business assistant that helps you improve your company’s efficiency by means of intelligent process automation and increasing employee productivity.


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What is

Teona undertakes the process automation, so your employees don’t be distracted by ineffective activities and be able to focus on achieving desired goals.

Teona combines RPA, AI, and people analytics, thereby you will be able to take your business to an entirely new level.

How Teona can help your business

Teona makes sure that our clients have undeniable competitive advantages.

Increase sales

You can find the best sales scenarios and close more deals by the use of AI-driven people analytics.

Cut costs

You can free your employees from inefficient use of working hours by means of intelligent process automation.

Forecast risks

You can use predictive analytics and the power of AI to find problems before they occurred.

Make the right decisions

You can make the right managerial decisions amid increasing uncertainty.

Full visualization

You can unlock your company’s potential by using visualization of all business processes.

Create an engaged team

You can increase employees’ engagement and mitigate your company’s loss by forecasting of burnouts and resignations.

How it works

Teona can integrate with internal company’s data through CRM systems, messengers, task lists, calendars, and with data from external sources as well. In real time mode she analyzes all business processes and finds important correlations and patterns.

  • Integration

    With a few simple steps, you create your company’s account and connect all needed tools.

  • Training

    Teona analyzes the company’s data and creates business processes’ digital twins.

  • Visualization and tips

    You get an irreplaceable business assistant that has a deep understanding of your company’s internal business processes. Teona will help you make the right decisions and forecast the problems before they occurred.


What our clients say

We have already integrated our solution into 50+ companies through early access campaign. Find out what our clients
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Teona was introduced to predict changes in demand for laser engraver components. Thanks to recommendation system, we increased sales by offering our clients products they really wanted. It's a good tool, thanks!

Aleksei Kuklin

Thank you, it's a useful solution! We used Teona to increase sales in TuSion.

David Vásquez


Frequently asked questions from our clients and answers to them

The integration process takes only a few minutes. After registration, you connect your CRM, task list, calendar, mail service, etc. (there are several options) in your personal account, then Teona starts analyzing the data at once.

The learning process is completely autonomous and takes only 2 weeks.

We have done our best to develop the most flexible solution to meet the needs of companies of any size. The availability of sufficient data is the only requirement for Teona’s effective operation.

On request, you always can have your money returned for the unused period.

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Let's discuss it! Our specialist will be happy to answer all your questions and offer several options for mutually beneficial cooperation.

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